Privacy Policy

User privacy and Data Protection are really important to us. We dont want to make it too complicated, so we have a clear and simple short policy below.

6th February 2006

  1. Personal Information
    When you download software or contact us regarding hosting or programming work, we will ask for your contact information. This information is used for support and billing purposes and we may contact you from time to time to inform you about new products or about changes to existing ones. We will never sell or give away your personal information to other companies and we will make every effort to secure the personal data we store.
  2. Opting Out
    If you do not want to receive emails about our products and services, please send an email to
  3. Certain Exceptional Disclosures
    We may disclose your information if necessary to protect our legal rights or if the information relates to actual or threatened harmful conduct (for example, if you have used an email address provided by us to send unsolicited emails). Disclosure of your detials may also be required by law.
  4. Cookies
    We use short-lived "cookies" for certain sections of this site in order to make your usage experience better. The cookies we use are only session based, that is, they will be deleted by your system as soon as you close your browser window.
  5. Other Sites
    Future Shock Ltd is not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of any other sites that we may link to.
  6. Reviewing Personal Data
    You can review and validate the information that we hold about you by sending email to
  7. Contacting Us
    If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy then please contact