Domain Name Registration and Management


Choosing a domain name

Consider whether you need a brandable name (for example "Google" or "Amazon") or a name containing words relevant to you market (such as "" or ""). The latter has advantages for search engine placement. Ensure your domain name does not infringe the rights or trade marks of others. Now check whether it already exists, useful tools are DomainTools and Nominet

How we can help

We purchase domain names on your behalf - you will be the registered owner and always maintain control. We manage all of the technical details and notify you when renewal is approaching. Avoid the risk of losing your domain or having your site down due to missed renewals. Centralise the management of multiple domain names into one place with direct telephone support.

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Buying your own domains

There are many domain name registration sites on the Internet, you need to choose one which suites your needs. During the registration process you will normally be aksed to enter nameservers settings, these must be:


Be aware that some registration sites require that you contact their support to set namesevers.

Moving an existing domains to our hosting

Whilst not particulary complex, we would recommend you contact us to discuss the process; we will advise on how to minimise any site downtime and prevent loss of emails. The options for moving an existing domain are:

  1. Transfer full control of the domain from your existing registrar to us.
  2. Change the nameservers to those we will supply, keeping the management of the domain with your existing registrar.
  3. Change the DNS records via your existing registrar for the specific services you wish us to host.

Important note

Registered Terms & ConditionsBy registering a domain name ending in .uk (with some very limited exceptions), you enter into a contract of registration with Nominet UK (the organisation who maintain the register of .uk domain names). Click the image to read their full terms and conditions.