Our bespoke e-commerce platform

From a handful of products to enormous global e-commerce enterprises: E-Shops can handle it!

Our E-Shops platform has been powering real shops for over ten years, and has recently been rebuilt form the ground-up using the most modern and powerful technologies available.

Shops fully support all devices from smartphones and tablets to huge desktop monitors, so you can be sure all your visitors have the best shopping experience possible when using your site.

No two e-commerce businesses are the same, so each version of E-Shops is bespoke built to the needs of your business, ensuring it is simple and fast to use for both your customers and your staff.

Your shop can start simple and we can add features as you grow; minimising your initial outlay but delivering the features you require when the time is right.

Out most recent version of E-Shops is built with ASP.NET Core (the fastest server-side web environment on the planet) and backed by Microsoft SQL Server. E-Shops is a single-installation multi-shop solution - in plain speak, this means you can have multiple separate shop websites powered by the same product catalogue; all websites use the same single copy of E-Shops on our server (but are completely independent of each other), making it incredibly easy for us to update with new features which instantly become available to all shops.


As each version of E-Shops is built to suit the needs of your business, the features vary for each version we release, these can include:

E-Shops has many other options and features, if you need something that is not in the list above then just ask. If we don't already have that feature we can almost always add it to your custom solution.