Our bespoke Content Management System

Powerful enough for web developers and easy enough for secretaries

For many years we have been developing our own powerful but incredibly easy-to-use CMS systems. E-CMS Core is the culmination of this development, and now forms the starting point upon which all our other projects are built.

If you are wondering what it can do then ask no more, you are looking at it right now! This entire Future Shock website is built using our off-the-shelf E-CMS system.

So whether you need to get a simple website up-and-running quickly, or have a much bigger project that needs a solid under-pinning of content management, E-CMS has proven its pedigree time and time again.

Out most recent version of E-CMS is built with ASP.NET Core (the fastest server-side web environment on the planet) and backed by Microsoft SQL Server. E-CMS is a single-installation multi-tenant web site solution - in plain speak, this means that lots of websites all use the same single copy of E-CMS on our server (but are completely independent of each other), making it incredibly easy for us to update with new features which instantly become available to all users.

Features include

Optional Extras

We have used E-CMS in so many other projects that we have all kinds of extras that can be added as a bespoke build, these include:

If you need something non-standard in your Content Management Solution, just ask - if we don't have it already then we can add almost anything you can imagine.