Development Costs

How much will my website or application cost to develop?

Well that really is a "how long is a piece of string" question!

Whilst we can't give you an accurate estimate of cost until we have discussed your project in detail, we can often give you a rough ballpark figure after a short initial phone consultation (usually based on the cost of previously completed comparable projects).

Being based in a small Peak District town, rather than a larger city such as London, helps keep our running costs low. This allows us to offer our services at a highly competitive rate for the industry, currently £60 per hour (July 2017). VAT is chargeable at the current rate where applicable.

Rates for design, marketing and content-editing are available upon enquiry; these services are usually provided by third-party suppliers and we need to determine which would be best suited to your project and discuss with them before arriving at an estimate.

We do not generally give fixed-price estimates, as that would likely be the most expensive we think the work will cost plus an extra percentage (up to 50%) for safety. We prefer to give you a cost ranging from our best to worse case estimate; if the project comes in under the maximum then you pay less! Conversely if it becomes apparent that we will exceed the estimate, then we will immediately contact you to discuss options (e.g. removing some non-essential features or increasing the budget).

Most projects over £1000 will be charged as follows:

Please note that any post-beta changes that vary significantly from the original specification will be chargeable extras, and we reserve the right to charge our final invoice earlier if go-live is significantly delayed at your end.

Once the final invoice has been paid, we will issue you with a copy of all the source code for your project.

All source code remains our property, but we grant you licence to use the code in your product and to sell it on with your product in the future if you wish to do so; this license does not permit you to copy our code and use it in other products. By retaining ownership of the source code, we are able to reuse parts in other projects to keep down development costs for all our clients - we will not resell your product in its entirety, nor use it to develop solutions for potential competitors to your business without your explicit permission.