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Future Shock provides web hosting on powerful Microsoft Windows 2003 based servers - we do not provide Linux hosting. We offer a number of different hosting plans to suit every budget, with prices as low as £20 per year for basic hosting.

Our servers are provided by Rackspace UK and are located in London data centres operating with at least 99.99% uptime. We provide domain registration and management services - we are a Nominet Member and tag holder (for .uk domains) and JANET Approved ISP Member (for and domains). We are a Comodo SSL partner allowing us to add fantastically priced HTTPS secure encrypted communication to your website in just minutes.

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Clean and Intelligent Web design

Good-looking and user-friendly websites for companies of all sizes

We specialise in the production of reliable, straightforward and easy-to-use solutions which cater to the needs of users.

Whether you just want a simple contact form or a full e-commerce site, we can code it for you.
Expert level programming in ASP.NET, ASP Classic, JavaScript, XML/XSL, HTML and CSS, SQL Server and Microsoft Access. WCAG Accessibility to AAA conformance where required. Search engine friendly and easy to maintain HTML markup. Static Sites, Content Management Systems, and many other project types delivered on time and on budget.

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Search Engines and Offline Marketing

Gaining competitive advantage

From the black arts of web marketing to improving your brand, we can assist in getting your website, and your company, the attention it deserves.

We don't pretend there's a big secret to web marketing. Using basic principles and ethical techniques, we've helped many companies move up in the search engine rankings in competitive markets such as Spanish property and children's clothing. We offer everything from straightforward advice to full online marketing services, including link campaigns and Adwords management. Whatever your budget, and whatever your market, we can help.

We also help with traditional ("offline") marketing - writing press releases, or working with your managers or external marketing consultants to achieve brand objectives.

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Our most recent news

14th October 2013 We have released a new version of our Date Picker product to fix a problem with the newest release of Google Chrome

4th April 2013 We have discontinued our Free Date Picker product after 8 years of service

3rd April 2012 We are pleased to release Worldwide Dispensers a redesigned site to match Rapak and DS Smith PLC design

20th March 2012 Redesigned and released Rapak to match the new look of DS Smith PLC

19th March 2012 Released V2 of TheSupportDirectory

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Working with the Internet since it began!

Knowledge, experience and the ability to listen

We are a small family-run business situated at the edge
of the Peak District in the centre of the UK. We've been trading as Future Shock since 1995 and became a UK private limited company in 2004. We have a very broad range of experience in the design, programming and marketing of both web-based and more traditional media.

We have worked with clients of all scales, ranging from international investment banks and multinational PLCs
to sole traders and personal home sites. We've built
e-commerce sites, estate agent sites, bespoke content managed systems, and information websites. We pride ourselves on delivering sites which best meet our clients' needs - whoever they may be and whatever their budget.

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9am - 5pm GMT Mon to Fri, call 01629 825550

For urgent out-of-hours hosting support only
please text 07545 338414 (include your contact
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Please do NOT call this number directly.


Address: Atrium Offices, Town Hall, Wirksworth, Derbyshire, DE4 4EU, United Kingdom

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Javascript Date Selector v.3 (free version discontinued, licensed v3.16 - 14/10/2013)

Free Date Selector

This product has now been discontinued

Buy fully-featured licensed version, from only £25

Unrestricted date selection, email support and a number of other extra features.

Purchase online now!

Product Support

Installation instructions are included in the product download (instructions.txt)

Further support and frequently asked questions can be found in our support forums

Say goodbye to clumsy date fields on forms with our intuitive Javascript Date Selector. Version 3 can be easily implemented in English, French, German or Spanish, and can be configured for use with any other language.

Easy to Implement

As with all our software, our Date Selector is designed to be as easy to use as possible. When you download it, you will receive one javascript source file, all of the necessary images, a demo HTML page and a set of easy to follow instructions. It usually takes under 5 minutes to add Date Selector to your pages, even if you know nothing about Javascript. However, if you do have any problems, then support is available via our forums.


The Date Selector / Calendar is XHTML compliant and it is compatible with both ISO and UTF-8 encodings. It has been tested successfully with the following JavaScript enabled browsers:

PC (WinXP) Internet Explorer 4/5/5.5/6/7, Netscape 4.78/7, Mozilla Firefox 1.04/2/3, Opera 7.53/9, Safari
Mac (OS9) Internet Explorer 5.1, Netscape 7.1
Mac (OSX) Internet Explorer 5.2, Netscape 7.2, Mozilla Firefox 1.04/3, Safari
* Internet Explorer 4 will only display one or two Date Selector fields per page.

Older JavaScript enabled browsers such as Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 4 and 5.0, and Safari below version 3 will run the Date Selector in "legacy mode" - no popup selector will be displayed, but a type-in box is provided for date entry... any text entered into this field will be validated to ensure it is a real date in the correct format. Safari 3 is fully supported in the licensed version but currently runs in "legacy mode" in the free version.

Licensed Version of Date Selector

The licensed version of Date Selector includes the following functionality:

  • There is no restriction on dates that can be selected.
  • Valid date ranges can be set to whatever you like.
  • You can change the year by typing in the box as well as using the up/down arrows.
  • You can customise the text, allowing you to show the date selector in languages that are not built-in.
  • You can specify further JavaScript code to execute when a date is selected (ie. an onChangeDateAction).
  • You can specify a TABINDEX value for the form field.
  • Supports independent styling of weekend and weekdays using classes in CSS stylesheet.
  • Provides extra LangID of "EN2" which displays DD/MM/YYYY dates but with week starting on Sunday
    (instead of usual Monday).
  • Users of the licensed version of Date Selector receive prioritised email support.

Pricing Information

Single Domain License
This license is suitable for most websites. You will have to enter the domain for which you require a license on ordering.
5 Domain License
If you run multiple websites, then this license may be for you. You can give us the domain names either at the time of ordering or as you require them.
Developer License
This license is for developers who wish to include the Date Selector in a package or application which will be re-sold. The price is per application.

Subdomains containing different site content are classed as different domains for licensing purposes - they require a separate license. Multiple domain names pointing to the same website (displaying the same content) only require a Single Domain License.

Product History

Date Selector Version 3.16 (licensed) - released 14/10/2013

Minor fix for Chrome 30.0.1599.

Date Selector (Free Version) - discontinued 08/04/2013

Date Selector Version 3.15 (licensed) and 3.11 (free) - released 02/08/2008

Minor update which fixes which fixes a problems in Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5.

Date Selector Version 3.14 (licensed only) - released 22/04/2008

  • Unlocked full featureset for Safari version 3 and higher.
  • Added styling of weekend days using new FSweekday and FSweekend classes in CSS stylesheet.
  • New LangID of "EN2" which displays DD/MM/YYYY dates but with week starting on Sunday (instead of usual Monday).
  • Removed need for separate versions to support UTF8 webpages and Safari (now just one script).
  • Fixed a bug in US format dates that caused calendar to be one day out in months where the clock goes back.

Date Selector Version 3.13 (licensed) and 3.10 (free) - released 23/10/2006

Minor update which fixes which fixes a layout problem in Internet Explorer 7.

Date Selector Version 3.12 (licensed only) - released 07/08/2006

Minor update which fixes the mixed security warning when shown on SSL pages in some Internet Explorer configurations.

Date Selector Version 3.11 (licensed only) - released 13/01/2006

  • Added facility to specify TABINDEX of form field.
  • Window statusbar shows message on Date Selector icon moused-ove (only when Date Selector is displayed using OnClick method).
  • Several minor bug fixes to customised text display.

Date Selector Version 3.10 (licensed only) - released 09/11/2005

  • Added the ability to customise the text displayed throughout the Date Selector, allowing you to tweak text or to display the calendar in languages other than those which are built-in.
  • Does not display the Date Selector if icon image is disabled (this can be set via JavaScript - refer to our forum thread for instructions).

Date Selector Version 3.09 amended - released 27/09/2005

  • Added two new JavaScript files providing support for the Safari browser on Max OS-X (which cannot correctly interpret the encryption used on the standard releases of our JavaScript code).
  • Fixed bug in Firefox that made it necessary to pick dates twice.

Date Selector Version 3.09 - released 25/08/2005

  • Allowed direct input of dates into the form field displayed inline in your web page (all input is validated).
  • Fixed bug in positioning Date Selector popup in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2 on Mac OS-X.
  • Fixed bug in Firefox that resulted in popup appearing in top left corner of the page when DOCTYPE was set to XHTML.

Date Selector Version 3.08 - released 27/06/2005 (updated 30/06/2005)

  • Resolved problem with displaying date picker over rolldowns (SELECT elements) in Microsoft Windows versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Improved support for Microsoft Internet Explorer runnng in standards-compliant and quirks modes.
  • Improved support for Mac OS-X browers.
  • Added the ability to specify onDateChange actions.
  • Corrected spelling mistake in French month name for March.
  • Improved stability of position code for all browsers.
  • Amended function call parameters for free version to match licensed version (making it easier to upgrade and resolving some inconsistencies in the product documentation).
  • New code encryption method employed: creates 75% smaller script include file (now only 17KB).

Date Selector Version 3.07 - released 24/11/2004

  • Added function call parameters to allow popup position to be specified.
  • Weeks now start from Sunday when US format dates are specified.
  • Year box can now be typed into - text entered is checked for validity.
  • Disabling "None" now displays a completely disabled button instead of a standard button with a warning message when clicked.

Date Selector Version 3.06 - released 08/10/2004

  • Improved positioning code to account for horizontal and vertical scrolling.
  • Improved position code to handle more DOM variations.
  • Minor typographics errors and code bugs introduced in 3.05 fixed.

Date Selector Version 3.05 - released 06/10/2004

  • Added multilingual support (English, French, German, and Spanish).
  • Moved US date format configuration variable from source code to function call.
  • Added support for limiting selection of dates to within a specified range.

Date Selector Version 2.01 - first public release 09/07/2004

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